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Surgeon holding a mask on the face of a woman in a surgical room

Revision Insurance – surgical excellence, patient confidence, reassurance provided.

Revision Insurance by Distinguished Programs can be purchased by a hospital or clinic to provide financial peace of mind on behalf of your surgeons and patients.

Every surgical procedure carries a risk of complications that may require remedial or corrective surgery. In these cases, Revision Insurance is designed to reimburse the Hospital, Clinic and Surgeon for their costs incurred including hospital/theatre time and the anesthetist. 

You’ll also be providing your patients with peace of mind.  With Revision Insurance, should any covered complications occur, your patient can be treated swiftly and will not incur the financial burden of another surgery. Patients are covered for complications diagnosed within the first two years post-procedure. 

Revision Insurance covers the Hospital or Clinic with no requirement from the patient to provide any information directly to the insurer. Not only does this simplify matters if further surgery is required, but it protects the patient's information from being shared with another source. All procedures and their subsequent levels of indemnity are categorized into increasing bands so that premiums are easily and quickly calculated. In fact, in the event of a claim, once all necessary information is provided, approval for the remedial procedure could be made in as little as 48 hours. 

A wide range of procedures can be covered, including Surgical and Non-Surgical.  We will provide a full list of covered procedures, but would be pleased to review any additional procedures that you may wish to include.

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