Revision Insurance For Patients

Surgeons working on a female patient in an operating theater

Revision Insurance - Protecting You From The Unexpected

Every surgery carries with it the chance of complications and elective surgeries are no different. While complications are rare, they do occur and, like most elective surgery, any surgery to correct or remediate said complications is not covered by your insurance. Revision Insurance is there in case you have that rare need. 

Only surgeons that are a member of ISAPS as well as a member of a reputable specialist professional association and has low complication rates will be able to purchase this insurance so you know that, if your surgeon offers this, they are among the very best. 

With every surgical procedure there is a risk of complication that may require corrective or remedial surgery. Revision Insurance offers financial assistance in the event of further surgery towards costs incurred including hospital/theatre time, the anesthetist as well as the surgeon.

This form of insurance affords you the opportunity to offer greater peace of mind to your patient so that, should any complications occur, further surgery can be completed swiftly and without additional financial burden. Patients are covered for up to two years post procedure.

Revision Insurance covers the clinic which means that the surgeon and patient are not required to provide any information directly to the insurer. This simplifies the process for both patient and surgeon. Procedures and their subsequent levels of indemnity are categorized into various bands so that premiums are easily calculated. In the event of a claim, once all necessary information is provided, approval could be made within 48 hours.

We cover a wide range of Surgical and Non-Surgical procedures and complications beyond the traditional Aesthetic Procedures, including dental.

ISAPS Member Insurance - Revision Insurance